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Here at EWFSC, we have many team members working to help us grow! Several of the listened workers are working through the pandemic(mostly at home)! We are preparing for small coaching sessions THIS SUMMER.

Chantal F. is the founder of the EWFSC. She is head coach and organizer of all things EWFSC.

Angela M., similar to many others, has several roles within the clinic.

She is our lead connections expert. Angela specializes in finding clinic locations, fundraisers, and donors. In addition to that, she aids in clinics by assigning and collecting equipment to and from participants. Angela also aids in recruitment and advertisement by connecting families to the clinic.

Cheyanne F. is the product engineer for the clinic. She is currently designing light-weight portable goals. Cheyanne is also one of our assistant coaches!

Dafni P. oversees sign in and applications when the clinic is actively in session. She is also a junior coach.

Denise C. P. is one of our promotion liaisons. She focuses on clinic promotions.

Eugene F. is a junior coach.

Jachelly D. is our visual design expert. She is working on revamping images for our website and designs for promotions. When the clinics are at maximum compacity, she is one of our junior coaches.

Leslie W. is a connections specialist. Leslie connects families to the clinic. She also helps Angela in product management.

Nazir W. is our new social media specialist.

Ruth F. writes some of our blogs! (I am writing this one!!!)

Shenine G. is one of the clinic's designers she has designed shirts soon she will be working on equipment packs.

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