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Our First Run!!!!!!!☺☺

Updated: Jun 24, 2019

E.W.F.S.C. aims to create strong-minded, well-regulated athletes. We would like to give children the chance to find joy, peace, hope, and passion within their true selves just like all the coaches have. This program started its first week-long clinic, introducing lacrosse to a group of young boys in West Philadelphia in 2018. With the help of the Charity Works Grant Foundation, which gave over $3,000, and extra fundraising, E.W.F.S.C. was able to start from the ground up. Five coaches came together to teach the young minds constructive communication, teamwork, and adaptability. Throughout the week the boys learned what lacrosse is, basic stick skills, and game rules. At the end of each day coaches collected a summary from each youth member of the clinic. We asked, “What did you learn today?” and

"Did you have fun, if so what did you like?”. The following are some of the responses we received:

“I liked shooting drills” – A.B.

“I like throwing and catching” -S.S.

“I liked that the coaches helped me throw the ball” – J.T.

“I loved everything” -A.M.

“I loved learning something new, we always play soccer” - K.P.

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