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What is BLAX?

Updated: Jun 23, 2019

The Break Down- BLAX- B= blacks or people of color, LAX= lacrosse. For those who may not know what lacrosse is it is an outdoor team sport played with sticks (media inserted below), a small solid ball, and uses a 6 by 6 goal. Points are obtained by scoring on the opposing teams net and counted as one point each.

People of color are underrepresented in sports like lacrosse, the non-profit organization Eugene William Farmer Sports Clinic Inc is attempting to change that by introducing lacrosse to inner-city communities. BLAX is designed a as permeant fundraiser to provide the organization the ability to continue clinics. The underlying importance of BLAX is that through playing lacrosse, a sport that is not typically offered in lower-income communities, children have a greater probability of attending college. Education is the key to success.

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